About us

Company Profile

    Since its foundation in January 14, 1974 with initial registered capital of 8,000,000 baht, we, STC NICCA CO., LTD., have devoted ourselves to serve textile industry in Thailand. With our distinct goals and policy and also with high technology of machineries, we have been steadily growing in the business. Moreover, we always have a kind support from our joint venture company, NICCA CHEMICAL CO., LTD. for its new techniques and know-how.

    We are not simply producing textile chemicals, but a delicate set of solution and embodied by quality products, attentive services and above all advanced techniques to our customers – textile industrial users.

    Everybody in our company holds firm a common belief that we could offer better services through our vigorous effort to the task of experimentation, development and manufacture of better products. Here, with close contact and collaboration with end users, we continue to turn out excellent products which pass our stringent quality control to the market. After years of specialization, we have committed ourselves to search for nothing less than perfection. We promise we are even surging ahead into the future.

    We, STC NICCA, are proud to have advanced and developed side by side with Thai Industry and will continue to do so with determination.