STC NICCA, as part of the NICCA group joining ZDHC

NICCA group joining ZDHC

STC NICCA, as part of the NICCA Group, is committed to take responsible actions as a member of the textile processing supply chain, and we are continually working on improving environmental performance.

NICCA Japan have restricted the use of these hazardous substances since 2015 and have released a list of our products that conform to, or meet the ZDHC MRSL on our website. In addition to our efforts, environmentally friendly corporate attitude and CSR activities, NICCA Japan are joining the ZDHC to contribute to environmental preservation since April, 2018

As a result of joining ZDHC, we will aim for further recognition in the international industry and are looking forward to collaborating with the ZDHC Community. Through the involvement in textile processing supply chains (apparel, retailer, textile processing manufacturers, material manufacturers, etc.), we continue to protect consumers, workers and the environment from processed chemicals and will contribute to achieving the ZDHC philosophy.